The MusIRC project was formed in 1997. Starting out, as a small group of IRC addicts with the basic idea to serve its IRC users needs, the MusIRC project rapidly developed and matured into a remarkable IRC network with an exceptional user base. We still stand by that basic idea and our users thank us for it. IRC is our main focus, and always will be, nevertheless we're sufficiently experienced to take on a lot more.

A large part of the success behind the MusIRC network is due to the users involved in creating and managing it. The user base on the MusIRC network is surreal; with users having expertise in wide and varied roles.

Within the MusIRC network you can find web designers, coders, doctors, nurses, exotic dancers and a virtual unlimited amount of others professionals and non-professional users. With that comes a wealth of information, from cooking (yes we've got a few chefs), legal advice, content creators and even the Agony Aunt’s of the IRC world. If you can name it you’ll find a specialist right here on our network.

Moving forward to present day, we're trying to diversify. We’re pushing forward with IRC and entering a new age of Internet Relay Chat. The future of IRC for many users is here, with the MusIRC network.